Coffee and Bean Magazine’s top 11: Hottest and Trendiest U.S. Coffee Shops September 11, 2015 0
Coffee and Bean Magazine’s top 11:  Hottest and Trendiest U.S. Coffee Shops

Best Coffee Shops in America

Coffee and Bean Magazine’s top 11:

Hottest and Trendiest U.S. Coffee Shops


Coffee is love, coffee is life. At least, that’s the mantra that a lot of people swear by and even live by on a daily basis. It’s true though, there’s a definitive love of coffee that permeates American culture, and has even shaped how people wake up and deal with each other. From the morning brew crafted in kitchens across America while waking up and preparing to go to work, to the late night junkie in need of a fix to work through the night on deadlines, Coffee will never go away.

At the same time, there’s plenty of Coffee Houses that are out there across the American landscape that are opened for business to serve the needs of all those who want something to wake them up, make them more alert, or just enjoy an afternoon of reading with something delicious. All of the Coffee Houses mentioned below are some of the hottest Coffee Shops to look forward to in 2015 and beyond, all of them in the United States. Whether an interest in coffee, on a road trip, or just happen to be on vacation, all of these are Coffee Shops to look for all your needs.


1) The Smile News Stand

The beauty of “The Smile News Stand” isn’t just that it’s a small spot on Bond Street, located in New York City, but also the fact that integrated within the Shop itself is a custom bike and timepiece accessories shop that gives it a sort of high end vibe, which also include gold plated lighting features, ambient music, smoked mirrors and more. All of this combines itself into a beautiful location that gives it a sort of timeless, relaxed sort of look that should be a hit for anyone that’s looking for a calming atmosphere, reminiscent of either a classier era of time, or a hipster culture, or even just to enjoy their time in a locale that’s just as interesting as the food they serve. Not only that, but they offer a good variety of interesting coffee choices made with exotic ingredients found throughout the world. Plus, besides the custom bikes and timepieces, there’s also a long list of complimentary newspapers to read once you’ve taken a seat inside.


2) Flipside Cafe

A relatively newer Coffee Shop, having only opened in March of 2015 earlier this year, it’s none the less an impressive Shop in its own right in the small amount of time it’s been in operation. Located on Kedzie Avenue, in Chicago Illinois, it’s actually the retooling of a previous version of itself that had closed down two years ago due to insufficient space. Luckily, this time they’ve had a chance to re-brand themselves, and acquire a larger space all for the comfort of their customers. Despite the increased space, it still offers a cozy, relaxed atmosphere for people to come in, have a seat, and enjoy the variety of different Coffee’s that are all offered. Not only that, but they also offer a variety of food and snacks to customers as well, such as Grilled Cheese, Brown Sugar cookies, rolls and more.


3) Sidecare Donuts

Located in scenic Orange County in Santa Monica California at Wilshire Blvd, the Sidecar Donuts is unique in the area in that it’s both a Coffee Shop, and a Donut Shop at the same time, and offers excellent items for each. one of the most beloved Coffee Shops in the area, it has recently expanded operations in the area to offer a lot more to its customers that include signature blends such as “Forty Winks”, “Colt’s Tooth”, and even more as well as seasonable doughnuts that include Huckleberry and Maple Bacon. The best part of it all? It’s located so close to the ocean you can practically smell it on the breeze, all located in a renovated Art Deco building that gives it a classy atmosphere to relax, and enjoy the beautiful Californian weather.


4) Harvest House

10 years ago, Harvest House was located in a backyard, but has since grown from humble beginnings to now become a 3,000 square foot Beer Garden and Music location that’s seen in downtown Denton, Texas at East Hickory Street. More than just a simple Coffee Shop, it’s served it’s community fairly well for that decade it’s been around, and is known for being a jack of all trades business. Like Art, Food, Music, Beer, and Coffee? Well, then Harvest House is perhaps your one stop location for everything that you’d need. The best part of it all too? Harvest House keeps it all local as well, using coffee beans, hops, food, and even live entertainment from the local community and surrounding areas.


5) Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee shop stands as a testament to how people are willing to spend extra for a little bit of extra quality. Continuously busy from open to close, there’s always a crowd waiting to get inside, and there’s always people inside the place looking for a place to sit, usually without success. In fact, Birch Coffee has a queue from just about anything from waiting to order, waiting to sit, and even waiting to use the facilities. However, any regular to the Coffee Shop will tell you, it’s worth it. Despite on average costing $0.25 more for most products and everything, people continue to come back to get such fare as their signature drink, the Kyoto Drop Iced Coffee as well as Wine and Beer. All in all, a showcase in how excellent Coffee, a nice atmosphere, and excellent customer services can create plenty of repeat customers.


6) Black Eye Coffee

Located in Denver, Colorado, “Black Eye Coffee” is a local favorite that’s expanded steadily in the time that it’s been opened and has been serving coffee to all of their customers. Recently within the last year they’ve even taken to roasting their own beans to provide special and unique blends to their customers. In fact, their success has done them so well that not only have they recently expanded their store front in Denver, but are also set to expand operations on Capitol Hill that’s planned to be bigger, more polished, and continue to offer their special brand of excellent services and products that even include a full bar that offers cocktail drinks as well as Coffee.


7) Novo Coffee

The previous entrant isn’t the only Coffee Shop in existence in Denver Colorado to keep an eye out for though. Novo Coffee has been family owned, and in operation since early 2002, and is currently set to expand once more in 2015 to a third location in the Denver area in an area that’s been previously owned by an excellent Yogurt Shop that’s moved on. What makes Novo Coffee unique among it’s peers, especially in the area, is that they provide other local Coffee Shops in the area with their own special blend of beans that they roast themselves within an antique Vittoria machine, and even allow their main store front to be open and toured on Fridays. No matter which of the current three stores you stop in to buy your daily Coffee at, Novo Coffee is sure to provide excellent services, and excellent drinks.


8) Sight Glass Coffee

Sight Glass Coffee is one of those Coffee Shops that are in competition in the San Francisco, California Bay Area with all the other Coffee Shops in the area, smack dab in the middle of a resurgence in Coffee Shops in the area. Considered to be one of the most influential, and one of the best to repeat customers who come from all over San Francisco for their daily cup of brew, they’re unique in that they don’t roast their beans onsite, preferring to do it somewhere else and ship it into their stores, which will soon be opening a second store in the city itself. In fact, the second store front is set to have 2,000 square feet, and have even hired Boor Bridges Architecture to design and build a store with unique features to the neighborhood they’re opening at to provide not only a quiet, relaxing atmosphere for customers, but a location celebrating the culture of the neighborhood they thrive in.


9) Faire Folks & A Goat

Another up and coming Coffee Shop located in the New York area, Faire Folks & A Goat is unique among the various Coffee Shops in the city in that they’re doing something a little bit different than a lot of others. For simply $25 a month, as part of a membership plan, customers will get unlimited beverages from their selection of various different Coffee’s that include even Iced Coffee’s. Not only that, but opting into the membership program they offer even gets you discounts on some of the various knick knacks they’ve got in their shop, as Fair Folks & A Goat is more than just a Coffee Shop, but also a showroom for stylish, and interesting items. Whether you’re there for the Coffee, the interesting trinkets, or just to sit in a nice quiet locale that allows for reading or concentrating, this is one unique shop everyone in the area should visit at least once.


10) Barista Parlor

One of the more interesting locales for Coffee Shops, Barista Parlor is located deep in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee and showcases not only it’s love of Coffee, but also of American Culture, and all. Most Coffee Shops tend towards a more quiet avenue. Come in, sit down after ordering, and relax, and while you can get that at Barista Parlor as well, what makes it more unique is that it’s located in a garage that has vintage motorcycles, tattered American flags, and a lot more that gives it a level of detail to make it look like it’s indeed lived in, and relaxed. In fact, they even sell an Espresso that’s served on a slab of wood and with homemade caramel. One of the more interesting and unique Coffee Shops that regulars love to return to.


11) Padoca

This Coffee Shop is perhaps one of the newer arrivals on the scene, billing itself not only as a Coffee Shop but also as a “Creative Bakery”. While it’s located as well in New York City (a seemingly hotspot of Coffee Shop activity), unlike a lot of other Coffee Shops, Padoca doesn’t roast their own beans, instead sourcing them from the local Nobletree Coffee roaster. While the atmosphere is said to be a little “Corporate like” in that it feels structured instead of natural, it’s slowly gaining ground and testing out it’s legs and earning high marks from returning customers who enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that they do offer, as well as to take advantage of the free wifi, and eclectic services that they offer.


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