The Explosion of Specialty Coffee Shops in America October 8, 2015 0
The Explosion of Specialty Coffee Shops in America


The Explosion of Specialty Coffee Shops

in America!


Coffee News and Trends in the Coffee Industry

Coffee is a delicious stimulant (It contains caffeine) traditionally served either hot or cold. In the United States of America, there has been a massive expansion in the lucrative business of coffee shops. In the recent past, there has been dynamic trends across coffee shops in the US. This paper seeks to evaluate and give an in-depth evaluation of such trends in 2015.

Coffee consumption in the USA has risen in the recent years to make the states into a caffeinated nation with 83 % of the population consuming the delicious coffee in beverage form. The high demand and passion for the drink has seen a massive surge in the number of coffee shops in full operation around the states. These coffee shops offer a wide variety of the coffee beverages offered as dictated by the customer’s needs and desires. In the recent past; there has been an influx in the number of coffee shops all over the USA all offering high-tech and quality brewed coffee. The growth rate of the coffee shops stands at seventy five and forms the fastest growing component of the food service industry. The key factors responsible for this expansion include the consumer tastes and preference for coffee to other beverages, income levels, shop location and the atmosphere / weather. The presence of numerous coffee shops in the US has created a very stiff competition in the market which in turn has compelled the shop owners and baristas to perfect their art of coffee brewing so as to remain afloat and command their share in the market. The great success achieved by the coffee shops can be credited to the relentless efforts of the shop workers as well as baristas, who take pride in their unique work ethics and service delivery. These work ethics contribute to the provision of good services and product in these coffee shops. Another contributing factor for the expansion of coffee shops in the USA is the use of single cup brewing equipment that contributes to cost cutting by ensuring that the shops brew coffee sufficient for sale at any particular time. This equipment also offers convenience, freshness and variety.

An iconic coffee shop example is the Condensa coffee in Atlanta. This shop is unique in the kind of coffee they offer. It is usually obtained from counter culture coffee. This is natural coffee with no additives and thus maintaining the natural taste and content of coffee. It is a guarantee for original high quality coffee. The shop is founded on the belief that “natural coffee is the best coffee”. The shop is also made up of highly skilled baristas who are always focused on giving the finest and most delicious cup of coffee each and every time. The coffee on offer at Condensa is specifically authored to perfection with the flair of homemade art and originality. It is obtained from original culture coffee with no additives to ensure freshness and amazingly pure taste.

The Chipped Cup is another coffee shop located at the heart of New York City and committed to the provision of fresh delicious coffee. Their coffee is carefully selected from different harvest times to give a fresh and tasty cup of coffee. The Panther Coffee located in Miami has set up two coffee shops. This shop is known for its great specialty in coffee roasting on retail and wholesale scopes as well as small-batch roasting of coffee beans and serving the drink.  Panther coffee enjoys an absolute advantage since it can host groups of up to twenty people in the coffee lounge. This is a gripping edge for the corporate clients who include companies both large and small.  The shop also operates an online store where customers can view the menu and place orders before arrival. The presence of this online store is a customer satisfaction and retention tool because it increases convenience for the person or parties. Customers do not have to walk in and sit to wait for their coffee to be prepared. The Peregrine Espresso operates three vibrant coffee shops in Washington DC and also offers a unique taste of the drink in and around the city. The shop takes pride in the provision of quality coffee and an exquisite customer service.  The Peregrine Espresso also operates an online store to increase convenience to the customers. The Ultimo Coffee operates two in Philadelphia with a unique specialty in brewing and serving counter culture coffee and a commitment to offer the best coffee they can ever find. They also have a great team of highly skilled baristas whose art of coffee brewing is undoubtedly excellent.

The Vees Café in Los Angeles for instance is proud of many return customers due to the mastery of the coffee brewing art. Their coffee is usually organically grown and brewed to perfection thus averting the risk of serving a tasteless brew. The café is more over focused on the excellent preparation of the drink as well as unquestionable quality customer service.  Everyman Espresso is another coffee shop at the heart of New York.  The shop operates three shops in the city. These shops are driven by the love and passion for coffee and hospitality. The shop also takes pride in its quality, and progressive innovative approach towards café design.  Their staffs are also welcoming and have mastered how to brew their coffee to the highest standards. Other great coffee shops of note in the US include, Saint Frank’s in San Francisco, Got Em Tiger in Los Angeles, Joule Coffee, Artifact CoffeeBaltimore and Milstead and Co. Seattle.

The coffee shops are inevitably on the rise in the USA and the trend seems to persist to the foreseeable future. Despite the fact that the coffee shops in the states are owned and operated by different individuals, and served by different baristas who are trained in different places, they share several attributes which are all geared to being the best. Various common factors contribute to the “hot” coffee shops in the states such as the presence of highly skilled, motivated and friendly staff at the shops. The coffee baristas are real experts in their own profession with the common goal of producing the best coffee brews.  They also possess great work ethics which contribute to their success. An unquestionable mastery of the art of brewing coffee by the baristas in each shop gives the customers a reason to come back and back and back. Another common success factor in the coffee shop market is the convenience offered by the shops via the online shops. Customers can place their orders online and even order for delivery at their offices or homes.  The shops also have very adorable interiors and beautiful sitting areas. This gives the coffee shops the opportunity to host meetings, parties and other events as well. Some coffee shops are ‘homes away from home’ because they are cozy, clean and fun. The prominence and dominance of coffee over other beverages can also be attributed to the customer preferences and enjoyment of such warm atmospheres. Most customers prefer a cup of coffee in the morning due to the instant stimulant effect of caffeine. Is opens up one’s mind into the day. The relevance of the customer preferences is however a subjective premises because each individual has a different taste for anything. However, in the case of coffee in the US, the influx of shops is an evidence of a higher preference of coffee over other beverages tied to a great place to “hang out”.

The adoption and use of new coffee brewing methods has also given rise to various flavors of richness, boldness and body to the beverage. This leaves the customers with a wider range to select from. For instance the use of single cup brewing equipment ensures a real-time customer service which is usually cost effective to the shop and a better experience for the coffee drinker.

The aspects of income effect the consumption of coffee in the USA can however not be overlooked. It is backed up by age with the older people being consumers of more coffee than the young who may not have income to support such a rewarding habit. The older people have readily disposable income and find it easy and convenient to spend on coffee and coffee paraphernalia. Atmosphere is also another contributing factor to the recent expansion of the coffee shops in the states. The USA being a polar country is often a cold place. The residents therefore prefer hot coffee to keep warm in general. Just like any other business field, the coffee shops have generally been compelled to adopt proactive and progressive innovative coffee brewing and customer service processes. This is due to the stiff competition that has come up from the increased number of coffee shops, increased demand for the beverage by the people as well as demand for quality. These factors leave the coffee shop owners with only one option of matching the market trends and forces. As such, all shops are also focused to customer satisfaction and retention. The overall effect of this competition is better coffee shop services.

The coffee shops in the USA have displayed very clear trends in the year and the same seems to persist into the future. This is informed by the continuous global market changes. As each shop strives to beat their competitors and remain alive in the market, such trends will be repetitive and recurring. The people of America will have more options to select from out of the numerous coffee shops in the country. As the situation in the sector currently stands, there will be emergence of more coffee shops in the near future and the competition will get stiffer. The shop operators will have the burden of remaining viable and fit to remain in the market. On the other side, the consumers will have a greater freedom of choice from the many varieties available in the market.

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