Starbucks Integrates Uber into App Redesign September 10, 2014 0
Starbucks Integrates Uber into App Redesign

Your venti iced latte now comes with a ride to and from Starbucks if you’re too under-caffinated to walk. In the most recent update of their mobile application, Starbucks integrated a specific Uber button. The app redesign, which features a new interface, mobile tipping service and personalized dashboard, also offers customers ride to their local coffee shop.

For the process to occur, the user simply clicks the button from within the Starbucks app and requests which store they want to visit. The Uber app launches and prompts a car request so both services’ software must be installed to the user’s phone. Given the convenience of Uber, the integration makes it simple to hail a car for a coffee and lunch run simultaneously.

Although Uber has driven in 40 major cities around the globe, the service must be available where the ride is requested. The entire process mimics the normal black car experience, except the end game leads you to a cup of coffee with your name on it. Users can get a caffeine hit at the tap of a button.

The integration stemmed as a result of Uber’s API launch for third-party developers. The startup opened its software platform to twelve high-profile partner companies such as United Airlines, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts and TripAdvisor to include the on-demand transportation service into their own apps.

With other services such as OpenTable, customers can book a dinner table through the restaurant service and arrange for a car at the same time.

The smartphone partnerships are a part of the Uber strategy to make transportation reliable to everyone, everywhere.


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