Detroit Native Creates New Coffee Business April 15, 2015 0
Detroit Native Creates New Coffee Business

What started as a personal journey to find the best possible cup of coffee for Detroit native Kara Eggebrecht and her husband, Wesley, ended with a bike and a delicious brew.

The couple are creating Tomo Coffee Co., an ingenious idea to get cold brewed coffee to the people of Detroit. Together, they have come up with the idea of a bike that they can ride around and serve coffee out of at different markets and festivals.

“We got started last fall when my husband was messing around with different ways of making coffee and coffee concentrate,” said Kara Eggebrecht.

“We found that cold brewing worked the best. We started at home and it eventually grew to us giving what we made to our family and friends and now we have started our own company,” she said.

To help with their idea, they have created a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. Their goal is to get enough money to fund their bike so they can sell ready to drink cold brew at different areas in Detroit.

If completely funded, their bike will be one of a kind, she said. Sticking to Detroit businesses, they have reached out to Detroit Bikes, Motorless City Bikes, and Woodward Throwbacks to hep create the final product. The bike will be able to hold two full kegs that will be filled with their ready to serve coffee from tap.

“The bike will serve 16 oz drinks and we will also be selling 32 oz bottles of our coffee concentrate that people can take home to make their own brews,” Eggebrecht said.

Cold brew coffee is produced differently than traditional drip coffee is, she said. The process requires coffee beans to soak in cold water. After the beans have soaked for approximately 18 hours, then the beans are filtered out of the liquid making the coffee concentrate. The concentrate is then used to create the beverage which can be served hot or cold.


Something that makes Tomo Coffee even more unique is that the Eggebrechts will be rotating what kind of coffee beans they use.

Occasionally we will use a different beans when we brew,” Eggebrecht said. “Our brew will have the origin and the type of bean listed on our bottles giving coffee drinkers different varieties of flavors when consuming Tomo.”

The Eggebrechts are close to reaching their goal on Kickstarter to make their dream a success, she said. To help them, go to

The Eggebrechts will be selling coffee on their bike during the summer on Saturdays at the Eastern Market in Detroit and the market in Birmingham on Sundays.

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