The Pact To Eradicate Coffee Farms Slave Labor 

The world’s most popular brewed coffee, which is grown predominantly in Brazil and Vietnam, was found to violate the supply chain standards set out by the World Cocoa Foundation for responsible farming.  This means that...

Central America coffee land to shrink as globe warms

The world's major coffee-producing countries will see their land suitable for growing the bean shrink by over a third as temperatures rise, according to a study released on Thursday. The study found that Brazils' area...

Zen and The Art Of Natural Coffee For Best Espresso 

In the world of caffeine consumption, you will get a variety of different thoughts.  You get thoughts from people who believe that coffee is the best thing to happen since sliced bread, and then you...

How 1804 Coffee is Renewing The Haitian Industry

Robusta coffee production declined in Haiti at the same time that demand for the Haitian-grown Robusta was increasing. The 1804 Coffee company identifies this as a window of opportunity to renew the Haitian industry....

The Best Nutella Frappe Recipe With Cookie Bits

Ingredients: Sugar Cookie Bits Vanilla Ice Cream Nutella Varieties of Chocolate for drizzling Wooden Spoon Glass Bowl Instructions:  Add ice cream and Nutella to a large glass bowl and stir until the mixture is blended, about 30 seconds.  Add...

The Art of Natural Coffee Enhancement Products is Here

The art of natural coffee enhancement products is here. Coffee has always been a wonderful drink for the mornings, but the addition of natural ingredients like honey, cinnamon and ginger could make your morning...

Coffee Trade: USA Moves Away From Work Suppliers

The US Agency for International Development is moving away from work suppliers in the coffee industry, which include some of the largest global corporations. This decision stemmed from criticism of the agency’s support for...

The Daily Grind and the Art of Ground Coffee Beans

Grinding coffee beans is an important step in preparing a cup of coffee, because it releases flavor and aroma compounds that are normally trapped inside the bean. There are different sizes of grind for...

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