Mini mill and the special mod for a finer grind


The mini mill is a device that grinds loose tea leaves to make them small enough to fit in the teabag. The idea for this invention came about when people were having issues with brewing strong tea because it would overflow the cup. 

To solve the issue of over pouring, they invented the Mini mill. It was created to operate like a pepper grinder, but instead, it grinds up loose leaf tea.

One popular way of using the mini mill is with teas that you wouldn’t normally be able to brew without one – like pu-erh or other heavy or wet leaf teas. 

This is because these teas need time to soak and brew before they’re ready to drink. But using a mini-mill speeds this process up without sacrificing quality, which makes it very popular among many tea connoisseurs.

The Mini mills are also popular because they are easier to use than a traditional mortar and pestle to grind tea leaves. It is especially good for people who have arthritis or other medical issues that make grinding difficult. I’ve used one myself before, when I have trouble with my hands, and it really does work well.

The Mini mill is also good for people who are environmentally conscious. Instead of disposing of all the ground-up tea leaves in a bag, you can use them to make more cups of tea! It’s much easier than trying to clean out your teapot every time you make tea.

All in all, the mini mill is great for people who like to drink loose leaf tea, but don’t want to spend the time grinding it themselves every morning. 

It’s also nice for people who are environmentally conscious and appreciate the convenience! I find that it really does work well at grinding up the leaves of only the tea you wish to make for a certain cup or pot.

I hope you all enjoyed this article and learned something new about the mini mill! 

Happy Brewing!


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