Preparing espresso in your home can be therapeutic


There is a therapeutic quality to brewing espresso in your home that doesn’t always come through when you order one at a coffee shop. This article will tell you everything you need to know about making great-tasting espresso every time.

Espresso is a process. It’s a way of life, not just something you drink once in a while to get caffeinated.

Brewing espresso at home can be therapeutic.

The ritual of grinding the beans and crafting a tasty cup of espresso is extremely therapeutic.

The process is intricate but requires very little time to make a delicious cup. It’s a satisfying skill for some people to learn, from sourcing quality ingredients from farmers’ markets or high-quality roasters in their city, all the way through to brewing that perfect shot.

In addition to becoming more knowledgeable about food production and consumption on an intellectual level, by making coffee at home they are likely saving money even while spending significant time on the task each day. 

Remembering where everything came from not only makes it tastier but also packs a bigger punch mentally when you know your efforts benefit local communities and protect our environment too!

The ingredients can change depending on the location, season, and personal preferences – pairing different beans with a specific roast level.

You can choose between many different types of espresso machines or even an old-school moka pot for that perfect shot every time! Although the process is fairly simple, it’s still an art form so practice makes perfect.

According to “Coffee Facts” : 

A manufacturer’s guide for home-brewed espresso is typically around 25 – 30 grams of ground coffee with 190 – 205 ml (6.7 – 7 fl oz) of water at 92 degrees Celsius (198°F). 

Of course, the quantity and quality of ingredients will alter the taste of your coffee, so it is worth experimenting with ratios to find what you like. Bear in mind that there are many variables involved when making espresso at home which will impact the quality of the drink.

Prep Time: 5 minutes 

Brewing Time: 3 minutes 

Grind Size: Fine Grind 

Tamp: Medium Tamp 

Water Temperature: 92°C / 198°F

Brewing Method: Espresso Machine or Filter Coffee Pot

Quantity: 30 grams coffee to 205 ml water (6.7 fl oz)

In this article, it is said that making your own coffee is a time-consuming process, but can be therapeutic. It also states the ingredients and methods for a good shot of espresso. You will never know if this works unless you give it a try!

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