Single-serve espresso revolution industry change


In the past few years, there has been a segmentation in the coffee industry. A new type of coffee maker called a single-serve espresso machine has been the focus point of the segmentation. 

The espresso machines have been very popular for both home use and office use. One of the most popular brands of single-serve espresso machines is Nespresso. 

Each of these machines comes with capsules that can be inserted into the machine before one uses it. These capsules are made up of finely ground coffee, hot water, and flavors. 

They are available in various flavors like chocolate, vanilla bean, cinnamon dolce, caramel siciliano, orange 20% sugar free crema, peppermint white chocolate etc. 

Each of these capsules costs about $.70 each making it cost efficient for the user to make their favorite coffee with ease.

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