Coffee is Most Effective If Consumed In The Morning


If you are trying to make a major life change, there are two things I would recommend to help you. 

First, set a deadline for when you want to achieve your goal. 

Second, make it public knowledge that you are making this life change so that others can encourage and support you along the way.

A deadline is a great motivator, and publicizing your goal can help support you through tough times. But what if there was something else you could add to the mix that would make achieving this life change easier?

Many studies have been done on how caffeine affects your body and mental state. We all know that coffee and other caffeinated drinks give us that extra push in the morning when we are tired, but now there is evidence that caffeine can be consumed at specific times of day to maximize its effects.

 In fact, a study done by researchers from Loughborough University found that drinking coffee first thing in the morning had the greatest effect on mental state and performance. 

When participants consumed their caffeinated drink first thing in the morning, they experienced a 4% increase in their attention and focus levels as well as an 18% bump in memory.

If you want to live life at your highest level, then you should start drinking coffee first thing in the day!

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