Modernist stone sculpture meets espresso machine


It is a fascinating aspect to see how modernism and sculpture have resurfaced in a new light from artist M.F.Hussande. 

In the exhibition that the artist had, he fused stone sculptures with espresso machines. He did this by placing a large stainless steel coffee pot on top of the table, which was at the center of all of his sculptures. 

The espresso machine was almost like a pedestal for some of his sculptures while some were at eye level with it so that they could be seen while not being touched by people walking by. Hussande had a fascination with ceramics and words so he wanted to combine them so he used the word “cafe” in almost every sculpture that he had.

Their work is a restatement of the ritualistic involvement surrounding coffee machines and how they can be incorporated into a modernist art form. Hussande also wanted to show how these espresso machines were not going away anytime soon, which is why he placed them on top of his sculptures. 

He wanted to make a statement about how even though these machines are very modern, they also blend into the natural environment. They can be found in many places such as homes, offices, and other public spaces.

This was an interesting take on modernist art by using espresso machines because not only did Hussande highlight their presence but he also made them the center of attention. Not many people use espresso machines anymore because the regular coffee pot has replaced them in most homes. 

However, if you were to go into an office or cafe then you would be able to see how much they are still used throughout society even today. Hussande used the modernist sculpture form to highlight this and show how it can be incorporated into a piece of art.

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